Nalts Hairloss Videos & Hairloss Education

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza On 2:40 PM 0 comments

I just finished editing a fun video that explains my procedure in my language, as well as in medical terms. The video -- hosted by me and Dr. Bauman -- is designed to help educate hair-transplant candidates through the various steps of a follicular unit extraction, and show how the NeoGraft left no scaring on the back of my head. Here's a photo of the back of my head 24-hours after surgery, and 2 months later. No incision scar because the hairs were taken from random spots! More importantly, because the donor hairs weren't from a single strip, Dr. Bauman was able to pick various grades of hair to create a forehead that's more natural... as opposed to that Frankenstein look. Which would be cute this weekend, but not beyond that.

I learned today that Bauman uses NeoGraft to, in fact, conceal transplant scars. So if you had a transplant and decide to enhance it... you can use some of your individual grafts to hide the scar. Cool.

Here are a bunch of the videos documenting the journey. Stay tuned for the educational one. Dr. Bauman is sharing that on his YouTube channel....