Famous YouTube Guy Gets Hair Transplant

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza On 5:17 PM 0 comments
Greg Benson, actor and "Mediocrefilms" and "Mediocrefilms2," got a hair transplant this week from SurgeonofNalts (Dr. Alan Bauman).

Now it's a race to see who can have the best forehead by spring. I have two months of a headstart, but Benson had a Bosley transplant when he was 30 (about 20 years ago).

On your marks. Get set. Groooowwwwww.

Well here's a 5-minute video that takes you through the 7 steps of a simple hair transplantation. Dr. Bauman and I documented the NeoGraft FUE procedure in layman terms... it's on the SurgeonofNalts account, and Greg Benson (Mediocrefilms) is the next candidate for a hair transplant this week.

We discussed this video during tonight's "Bald Truth" show. I hope you find this informative and mildly entertaining. :)

YouTube Star Gets Hair Transplant

Posted by Sarah Sweetz Akhza On 8:46 AM 0 comments
Greg Benson, actor and creator of "MediocreFilms" (one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels) is getting his second hair transplant next week with Dr. Alan Bauman. Dr. B was my hair transplant, and Benson participated in our live blogtv and stickam chats when I had my transplant 2 months ago.

Read more about it on "The Bald Truth" blog, and tune in Sunday (Nov. 1, 2009) at 5 Pacific and 8 EST to hear Dr. B, Benson, me and the show's host, Spencer Kobren. Kobren is the author of "The Bald Truth," a book that focuses on hair loss and what people can do about it.