Before & After FUE Hair Transplant

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During the live patient viewing at ISHRS's national meeting, a lot of people wanted to know how long it's been as they examined my new hairline and the donor areas.

Without moving around my hair and using a scope, nobody was able to notice any donor scars since FUE (follicular unit extraction) doesn't involve a surgical slice of the scalp- it's individual follicles and done while you're wide awake and numb.

My friend Joe Shields had taken the photo on the left before I had the transplant (late summer 2009) and we tried to replicate it last month (about 14 months post surgery). There are some variations in the lighting and smile, but I carefully chose the closest shot... some of the "before pictures" were way worse than this one. But I resent when people manipulate before and afters so I'm trying to avoid that here.

The photo on the very bottom shows why I wore a hat and avoided profile shots. The soldiers were not exactly in full force up there...

They Touched My Scalp

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The hair transplant doctors gather annually at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery meeting, and this year's event was in Boston in October (2010).

I gave a presentation with my physician (Dr. Alan Bauman) about social media for physicians, and then was his "model patient" during a live patient viewing. The doctors run their fingers through your hair, and one guy even brought a little eye scope to inspect the work. I'm sure I experienced weirder moments in 2010, but this one would certainly find a place in the top 10. Here are some photos courtesy of Dr. B.