Pain of Hairloss Documented

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Finally the exorbitant physical pain associated with male-pattern hairloss has been documented by The Onion, a hysterical parody of news media. In a report titled "Male Hairloss is 7 Times More Painful Than Child Birth," the article reported...
"Clinical studies show that as hair gradually separates from the scalp, men experience intensifying waves of all-consuming pain equivalent to having their insides ripped out through the thousands of tiny follicles on their head," said Vincent Kwan, who led the all-male research team that carried out the study. "While strong uterine contractions and tearing of the vaginal walls undoubtedly cause a degree of discomfort among women in labor, balding men would give anything to experience those sensations instead of lying awake and suffering all night as their hair thins."

Celebrity Hair Transplant Bust

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Poor Jeremy Piven (Runaway Jury, SpyKids, etc.). The guy knows the criticality of hair to his career. So he discretely gets a hair transplant, then has TMZ up his ass (see photo courtesy of Boss for Hairloss).

The article mentions me (Nalts) and Greg Benson (Mediocrefilms). I haven't talked to "The Best U.S. Hair Transplant Doctor" in a while, but I'm guessing Dr. B has his hands full with "Donor Scar Camouflage" treatments (I'm going to trademark that).

Bauman is one of the leaders of "follicular unit extraction" (FUE) using NeoGraft, which was shown on Rachael Ray “Plastic Surgery Breakthroughs." That's how he harvested my follcicles from the donor area without the use of a scalpel, stitches or staples. He told me last year that he's been increasingly asked to use FUE hair transplants to hide bad donor scars. Poor Dr. B. He's the best in his field, so he's gotta clean up other people's mess.

Boss of Hairloss writes, "no procedure can be 100% scar-free, after a matter of days healing is complete and undetectable from a social distance–even with a very short haircut."

I'd go a step further. I had some of the globe's leading hair transplant experts scrutinizing my head with their fingers, magnifying glasses and combs. Ain't nobody finding my scar! :)